One on One Consultation Call

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Zac has 11 years of writing and coaching on marriage/parenting relationships, developing a mission after military service, balancing family + "Self", and the recent edition of Sobriety which was added to the services offered after Zac hit 2 years of sobriety without craving or relapse.

He's worked with 1000s of men to dial themselves in, improve the standard of their marriage, and reconnect with their children. Beyond saving marriages from being on the brink of divorce, helping Veterans avoid the fate of having their best years in the uniform, or rebuilding men after divorce, Zac helps men find their best selves, and in doing so, they find the best version of every connection they have in life.

Zac has proven himself to be one who gets results, whether within relationships or mindset; the focus is always action-oriented, which is why things work.


➡️ Develop habits to help you build Confidence
➡️ Learn to navigate life with a Positive Mindset
➡️ Address your drinking or other Addictive Habits
➡️ Get help with overcoming your past Trauma/Failures
➡️ Improve your sex life/daily interactions with your Wife/LTR

...then Zac has the experience and knowledge to help you make immediate progress in these areas and several more...

To respect both your time and his own, Zac is focused on getting right to the meat of the matter and not dancing around it. He isn't looking to string you along; he aims to get everything that can be addressed in that hour taken care of.

In - Out - Win


If you purchase the 30 Minute or 1 Hour "One Off" Consultation Session, you will receive a form that will share Zac's Calendar with you after purchase.

If you purchase the 4x a Month or 8x a Month Consultation Package, you will receive an email directly from Zac to select a custom schedule that best fits your time.

From there, you will choose a convenient time slot and provide Zac with what you'd like to address together on the call.

Then you just need to show up to the call (mobile or desktop is fine) with a notebook and pen; the Zoom will be recorded (unless otherwise requested), and Zac will then offer a follow-on email with any insights made after the fact along with the recorded video for you to review.


  • Zac was there when I had to walk through a door, straight through one of the biggest challenges of my life.  And just beyond that challenge led to a life-changing moment.  And I almost passed that door by.  But I couldn’t do that.  Because in working with Zac, I had no other choice.  He was right there in my mind, opening that door. Zac was there when I faltered.  Stunned to the bone by a phobia I had.  But he helped me learn from that event and gave me a little fire back from my disappointment.  And it was a good thing it happened that way……Because the very next day, Zac was physically there when I was hanging on for dear life over a literal abyss.  He was right behind me, and had lost his voice earlier in the day, yet it cut through clear as a bell with urgency.  Between that and whatever little fire was re-lit the day before, both woke me up to push on into safety.  It could have ended much differently. These are just a few things I have experienced while getting coaching from Zac.  He has helped me as a husband, a father, and as a man get back on the path to becoming his ideal self.  Quite simply, working with him has changed my life. What you get with Zac is coaching you can apply to your life immediately.  But don’t think you can go into coaching like therapy sessions where you can hide on the couch.  You may be able to get away with that with an indifferent counselor.  But why would you want that?  That will not help you.  Zac is fully engaged and ready to help you change your life.  Because, like me, when you have Zac as your coach, and you do the work, you’ll have no other choice. - RICK

  • I joined FOE in late 2022 and quickly scheduled a one on one call with Zach.  In one hour with Zach motivated me to start my blog, gave me ideas, and provided the groundwork for how to eventually monetize it.  Hell, I was and still am ready to run through a brick wall.  Zach has insight and knows how to push the right 'buttons' to motivate you.  I assure you, an hour with Zach is a wise investment! - MIKE
  • I was having some trouble understanding the behaviors of my son, who has ADHD.
    Zac gave me a different angle to look from, opened my eyes, and allowed me to better connect with my son. I highly recommend Zac; that 30-minute call made so much difference. - MARC

  • One on one coaching with Zac was a game-changer. Zac helped me to find strength inside of me that I didn’t know was there and how to harness that strength to become a better man, father, husband and businessman. - JEFF


All 1:1 Consultation clients will receive a free copy of the 31 Days to Masculinity PDF, as well as the email write-up, and recorded video.

This product is not currently for sale.

One on One Consultation Call

0 ratings