Fatherhood for Modern Times

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Are You Your Children Are Getting Your Best As A Father?

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takes parenting in the modern age head on; 

anyone can use this course to go from living in an environment where everyone is hyper-critical of one another to harmonious cohesion where it's the entire family, ,

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In this course I highlight ways that the lessons passed to us in our youth are out-dated and in need of a serious overhaul.

Kids aren't copping attitudes because there's something wrong with the ""; kids these days simply aren't getting what they need with regards to guidance from their parents.

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are failing

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That's a tough pill to swallow but it's better you face the harsh truth now and fix it than to live in the disaster of the lie which your life will become.

What worked in our youth , the world has changed and we need to adapt to not only have our children , but to in 2020 and beyond.

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What This Course :

A comprehensive text with and you can follow along with as well as with .

All of which are designed to bring you closer with your child/children to help the two of you break free from the mold a majority of other families are trapped in due to the way we operate in the modern age.

This course, when applied will improve your relationship with your child for the better forever.

It isn't just a new series of steps to follow, it's an entirely new way to think and new perspective to follow in all interactions from here on out.

What This Course Is :

This course is not going to make you your child's ""; you are their parent and that role is a unique one which requires you to know when to draw boundaries and when to relax; there is an ebb and flow to this, it isn't all work and no play, .

This course is ; that's your job as the parent.

is here to give you the tools needed to improve the standard of your entire life and family experience.

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An electronic copy of Fatherhood for Modern Times: Three Steps to Becoming a Father Suited for Tomorrow.

10 immediate actions you can take to change your day to day interactions.

5 new approaches to consider when dealing with issues your child may face.

Real world examples of how the most minor tweaks lead to the greatest changes.

A video for each chapter

An audio file for each chapter

Bonus Videos & Audio files

Discounted offer for further one on one work ($99 savings)

A discount to joining the Fraternity of Excellence (Up to $125 Saving)

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My name is Zachary Small, I have both a son and a daughter and I've been working with thousands (literally, not figuratively) of men over the past 9 years dial in their marriages, their sense of authenticity, and notably, their performance as a parent.

I'm neither a licensed therapist, nor a Doctor; which is exactly why I've had success, I'm not giving you the same old same you've likely heard for years, whether from your primary care physician to Dr. Oz himself.

I am a man, a husband, and a father who has a healthy relationship with my children; one that has them advancing academically, with their peers, in their sports, and our home is one of love and peace.

This is a frequent question I get (obviously, we're in the FAQ section) still it always catches me off-guard...

Why spend $49 on a course that can help you become a better father?

  • Because it can save you thousands of dollars in Therapy.
  • Because it has the potential to create healthy lifelong bonds.
  • Because it may be the only way to save your broken relationship.
  • Because it's an investment in yourself and your children's upbringing.
  • Because the Videos, Texts, and Audio files will allow you to work on yourself and learn of better ways to parent any and everywhere.
  • Because the world has changed and you want your children to find success and happiness in it.
  • Because you want to set your children up for success.
  • Because it's a better investment than the alcohol you've purchased or snacks you keep eating.
  • Because people spend $4,900 sending their children to counseling and these $49 may prevent that from ever being needed.
  • Because you view any money invested in the growth of connection within your home to be money well spent.
  • Because you can't think of any more important thing in the world to invest in than the nurture and care of your children.


I do offer clarification on the subject matter. If you show proof of purchase in a DM or email with your question, I will get back to you with my best advice to the issue you're having with the material.


Email me at TheFamilyAlpha@Gmail.com or on Social Media @ZacSmall_ (don't forget the underscore) and let me know what you need and we'll work something out.

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Click the "" button.



PS: Most family men say they’d “”;

The course puts that to the test.

It’s easy to say you want the best, it’s much more difficult to put your money where your mouth is and invest the greatest role you’ll play in another human beings life, their father.

I do not have the audacity to lay claim that I know exactly what I’m doing as a father, but I do know that I’ve been writing for over 5 years on the subject of family and fatherhood, worked with and helped thousands improve their relationship with their children and their performance as a father.

You can create a better future for yourself and your children, today.

It's going to take time, energy, and removing a little bit of the ego, edge, and complacency you've built over the years.

It's worth it, the question is,

I want this!

Fatherhood for Modern Times: Three Steps to Becoming a Father Suited for Tomorrow: PDF, 20+ Videos, 20+ Audio Clips, one on one discount, discount to the Fraternity of Excellence

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Fatherhood for Modern Times

6 ratings
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