365 to Sobriety

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365 to Sobriety

Zac Small
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365 to Sobriety: Break free from the Booze, Drugs, or Habits that keep you and your relationships from reaching their full potential.

365 to Sobriety is a Private Telegram community filled with men and women who are focused on one goal and one goal alone - to get (and remain) sober through the use of accountability within the community

I need to be clear, this program is not for people who are "thinking about sobriety".

This is a group dedicated to those who are looking to drop the vice for one month, year, or for life.

What to Expect:

  • Immediate welcome into the group: Everyone inside knows you are there for the same reason they are there
  • Immersion into a culture that "gets it": Nobody understand an addict better than another addict.
  • Different tips, tricks, and unorthodox methods that work: It isn't stupid if it works and everyone within 365 to sobriety is sharing what has proven to work for them.
  • 24/7 Access to one another: I'm on there throughout the day as are the other members.
  • VIP Access to Me: People pay anywhere from $97-$1,997 to work with me on a call or for a month, I will address all sober questions directly and you're only paying $1/day for the first month.

Why You NEED Accountability:

  • What do you have to lose by having an accountability group always there for you?
  • Daily check-ins with the group and seeing others hit new milestones will motivate you to stay the course.
  • You've been doing it your way and that's gotten you here, accountability and relationships with others walking the same path may be the final piece to your sustained sobriety puzzle.

Again, nobody understands addiction like an addict.

Join and commit to kicking your vice once and for all, one day at a time with a group of people looking to do the same.

- Zac

I want this!
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